Monday, 2 September 2013

Hunters Week :Alt Appreciation week 3

Celebrating the Different Classes of world of Warcraft 

Since my Main is A Hunter This is My main week :)

I have been playing my Hunter for five months(I am a slow leveler) and its has been my Main charter since level 50 I love playing As a hunter being able to fight mobs from a distance and using my pets as a tank and using traps for slowing down and added damage.

I play a human hunter (I know) the racial every man for himself is very handy for braking crowed controls. I had been playing Horde for 4 years and was getting bored So I deiced to move to a new realm and Start on the opposite faction and I created my Hunter Ireidean I am bad at coming up with names for my charters and i was messing around when  ireidean pop'd in to my head and i hit enter and got it witch never happens anytime i come up with a name their is always an unused level 10 with that name So I was really happy when I got it

I will tell you what pets I use and have but that's for another post hope you enjoy hunter week I know I will :)

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