Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Time off

I am taking some time off Playing World of Warcraft I am Just about to start a new Job and with the holidays coming up I will probably Wont have any spare money to Buy game time. While I wont be playing Warcraft I will still be doing Blog posts.  Normally My posts would be Warcraft related While I am Not paying Warcraft I will be playing diablo 3 and hearthstone I doubt any one would be interested in D3 unless it was to do with the reaper of Sols beta and hearthstone is only interesting to watch  or read  about deck strategies I am godawful at  hearthstone So I wont be doing any streaming or strategies.

One of the things I want to do is a series of Short stories Called "Looking for quest"
Just now I Am working out the details for the plot and Don't have allot of information Other than it's will be fantasy stories and involve a group of hapless adventures I will post more information when I can and hopefully Start writing it by the weekend. I will also be Doing Warcraft related blog posts mainly to do with the new expansion Warlords of draenor and any new information that comes out over the coming weeks.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Death Knight Diaries 20/11/2013

So I have started Playing an Orc death knight. I have played a death knight before and I still have a level 86 human death knight, but I have not layed Him since early mists.   With the announcement of warlords of draenor,  I deiced that I wanted to play a Orc Going back to their old homeland.  I had originally planed to play as a warrior and had started a one and got to level 6. With the prospect of going through all of the leveling zones in azeroth was starting to put me off.   I don't really know why I deiced to switch to a death knight but here I am playing one.
Love the sword!

So while I am leveling a Death knight for playing through Warlords I deiced to document My progress and decided to start the Death Knight Diaries.   So far My Death knight is level 56 I have not had allot of time to play at the moment. he is frost spec and only on to the second part of the quests but Its allot of Fun killing the scarlet Crusade something I used to love doing all the time while hunting for their tabard in the scarlet monastery (Never got it) Hopefully I will finish the death knight starting zone and head for hellfire peninsula By tonight.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

How it All started

Back in 2005 one of the Biggest MMO's todate  World of warcraft Was released Back then I Had no clue about the Game or MMO's for that matter It was not untill sometime in 2006 I bought a trail version back then you paid £2 and you could play for 14 days I created a night elf hunter Cant remember the hunters name but i played for arround a week And that was My first experince of the Game. I cant remember mutch about it I lost the login and password and pritty much forgot about the game.

untill later in the year when a friend of mine talked about his level 60 undead mage It catched my intrest at the time I was not big on the idea of paying to play I had spent months thinking over it for months.

I started Playing In march 2007 My first charcter was a Dwarf Warrrior By the name of Olithjr I leveld him to cap it took 5 months when i finaly got to level 70 i tried The high level dungeons as a tank I was not great at first but as the time went on I got better and better Then wotlk came out and disaster struck I got hacked and at that time I had 2 level 80s my warrior and My new main my paldin who was running heroic dungeons as a healer.

At the time i got hacked I was on Holiday in Florida I had a laptop but could not play the game But it was too late my account was banned the hackers had been selling gold I appiled a number of times but they would not budge So i stoped playing for 6 months

I decied to give the game another Go and I played a druid and healed ICC When cata come out i struggeld with healing and switched to Dps with my paladin untill Mists Then i played a mage untill Jan this year when i started My hunter Who is my current main I raid now and again Via the LFR and have fun playing I have never been hacked since then and im looking forward to the next expantion

Monday, 2 September 2013

SSAD: September:Day 2-My name begins with

Did not know how to do this one today so I deiced i would use the Create a character screen for today The first letter Of my Irl name is in the name box if you did not notice i picked a blood elf warlock just for the bad ass looking staff in the image I have not created a warlock yet and will do for Warlock week in the near future

Hunters Week :Alt Appreciation week 3

Celebrating the Different Classes of world of Warcraft 

Since my Main is A Hunter This is My main week :)

I have been playing my Hunter for five months(I am a slow leveler) and its has been my Main charter since level 50 I love playing As a hunter being able to fight mobs from a distance and using my pets as a tank and using traps for slowing down and added damage.

I play a human hunter (I know) the racial every man for himself is very handy for braking crowed controls. I had been playing Horde for 4 years and was getting bored So I deiced to move to a new realm and Start on the opposite faction and I created my Hunter Ireidean I am bad at coming up with names for my charters and i was messing around when  ireidean pop'd in to my head and i hit enter and got it witch never happens anytime i come up with a name their is always an unused level 10 with that name So I was really happy when I got it

I will tell you what pets I use and have but that's for another post hope you enjoy hunter week I know I will :)

Saturday, 31 August 2013

SSAD: September:Day 1-Together

Me and my green tiger kash have been Together Since he walked in front of me in swamp of sorrows 

A screen shot a day

For the month of September tycertank is dong a screen shot a day where Warcraft players submit a screen shot biased on a daily subject from the list below 

I had taken part last month but sadly my lack of good ideas for screen shots meant I could not finish it But I'am putting more thought in to it this time around. Tycertank will be posting them on her blog and on YouTube if you want to enter just link your pictures to http://tycertank.blogspot.com.au or @tycertank on twitter Have fun and take pictures in game