Tuesday, 19 November 2013

How it All started

Back in 2005 one of the Biggest MMO's todate  World of warcraft Was released Back then I Had no clue about the Game or MMO's for that matter It was not untill sometime in 2006 I bought a trail version back then you paid £2 and you could play for 14 days I created a night elf hunter Cant remember the hunters name but i played for arround a week And that was My first experince of the Game. I cant remember mutch about it I lost the login and password and pritty much forgot about the game.

untill later in the year when a friend of mine talked about his level 60 undead mage It catched my intrest at the time I was not big on the idea of paying to play I had spent months thinking over it for months.

I started Playing In march 2007 My first charcter was a Dwarf Warrrior By the name of Olithjr I leveld him to cap it took 5 months when i finaly got to level 70 i tried The high level dungeons as a tank I was not great at first but as the time went on I got better and better Then wotlk came out and disaster struck I got hacked and at that time I had 2 level 80s my warrior and My new main my paldin who was running heroic dungeons as a healer.

At the time i got hacked I was on Holiday in Florida I had a laptop but could not play the game But it was too late my account was banned the hackers had been selling gold I appiled a number of times but they would not budge So i stoped playing for 6 months

I decied to give the game another Go and I played a druid and healed ICC When cata come out i struggeld with healing and switched to Dps with my paladin untill Mists Then i played a mage untill Jan this year when i started My hunter Who is my current main I raid now and again Via the LFR and have fun playing I have never been hacked since then and im looking forward to the next expantion

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