Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Death Knight Diaries 20/11/2013

So I have started Playing an Orc death knight. I have played a death knight before and I still have a level 86 human death knight, but I have not layed Him since early mists.   With the announcement of warlords of draenor,  I deiced that I wanted to play a Orc Going back to their old homeland.  I had originally planed to play as a warrior and had started a one and got to level 6. With the prospect of going through all of the leveling zones in azeroth was starting to put me off.   I don't really know why I deiced to switch to a death knight but here I am playing one.
Love the sword!

So while I am leveling a Death knight for playing through Warlords I deiced to document My progress and decided to start the Death Knight Diaries.   So far My Death knight is level 56 I have not had allot of time to play at the moment. he is frost spec and only on to the second part of the quests but Its allot of Fun killing the scarlet Crusade something I used to love doing all the time while hunting for their tabard in the scarlet monastery (Never got it) Hopefully I will finish the death knight starting zone and head for hellfire peninsula By tonight.

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