Monday, 26 August 2013

Alt Appreciation week 2 Druid

celebrating the different classes of world of Warcraft

Druids are most versatile class in world of Warcraft they can take on any role Healer,Melee Dps,Tank and spell caster dps. I played a druid in wrath of the litch king  towards the final weeks days of the expansion I was a healer and raided ice crown citadel 10 man and manged to clear 11/12 we gave up on the Litch king as cataclysm was due out the following week I have since went back and killed him on 10 & 25 man heroic mode for fun. I played a Tauren druid i was a horde player for much of wrath and cataclysm and half of Mists of Pandaria only switching to alliance at the start of summer. While i have not caped my druid it's something I want to go back and do even if i only just get my druid to level 90 I don't plan to run dungeons or pvp  As I run Raids with my hunter but that's for another week.

Druids are fun to play when I was not raiding with my druid I was sneaking around and killing low level players for fun or I was ruining Old dungeons to see how quickly I could clear them i was not as bad an alt alcoholic as i am now don't know if that is a good thing or bad thing really But it helps with talking about all the different classes as I have played them all at one pint in my 6 years of Warcraft.  

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