Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Alt Appreciation week one Death Knight

Celebrating the Different Classes of world of Warcraft 

(My Death Knight Wulver)

Now I have had my death knight since wrath of the litch King I don't play Him much any more but I like to keep him around because I looted Swift White hawkstrider ,Swift brewfest ram And the horseman riens while playing him even though mounts are account bound I cant bring my self to delete him.  My Death knight's name is Wulver.   An wulver is a mythical Scottish werewolf that spends it's day fishing and at night leave the fish on poor family's windows. My death knight is not a worgen and was created long before Cataclysm was announced. Maybe I will get around to finish leveling my Death knight one day But for now i only log in to my Death knight once a month. 

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